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How to receive customers can make customers pay more attention to you

  1. hotel problems, whether need to book the hotel,what level of hotel, some Customers not care about money, you do not always think about saving him money, people want to live in five-star, but you arrange a Samsung, the consequences are serious.

    2. How many people come? I have a friend out of a situation, the customer confirmed the beginning of three people, counting a car enough, but when he arrived at the airport,found five,the customer temporary change, add two people, so looked for cars, car rental, delayed a lot of time.

    3. I will directly ask customers whether they need to prepare a car for the luggagealone, especially the customer who visited other factories , there may be a lot of
    luggage, once, two customers with four large luggage, two backpacks, Fully
    equipped with two cars.

    4. Be sure to ask each other the religious situation in advance in order to arrange an appropriate hotel in advance.

    5.Prepare a few umbrellas, ready lighters, one time to the train station to pick upcustomers, go out when the sky is clear, to the station, when receiving the
    customer it is pouring rain, thanks umbrella has been placed in the bag, go to
    bring a few other umbrella from the car , the customer has always boasted I
    thought thoughtful.

    6. Prepare lighters, some customers are extremely addicted to cigarettes, they wouldlike to smoke when take off the plane , in general, their lighters on the plane
    have been thrown away before, of course, a lot of the airport to sell, But if you
    prepare it in advance , the customer will pay more attention to you .

    7. I am deeply benefited from preparing all kinds of coffee in advance. There is aBritish customer who visit many factories, either no coffee or the coffee is not
    drink good, But I prepared a lot of kinds of coffee in my office . He can directlychoose what he want . The client finally found the coffee what him want ,
    then the next negotiations more smoother.

    8. Prepare documents and information related to the negotiation in advance, do not find it after the customer coming .


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