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Little common sense of Tire machine

Tyre machine also known as tire changer, vehicle maintenance equipment disassembly and installation of automobile tire indispensable auxiliary in automobile maintenance, with tyre machine market is more and more big, the upgrading of technology in high speed, the tyre has many types of machine, pneumatic tyre machine, automatic tyre machine, manual type tyre machine, hydraulic tyre machine, which is the most common type of pneumatic tyre scraping machine.

Pneumatic tire machine set a variety of functions in one, is currently one of the most advanced models on the market, but also the only function of the most complete, the best performance of the model, the movement of the gripper. Clamping wheel is more suitable for modification of the car factory, can also be used to lift tires. The machine has two sides of the mechanical pneumatic arm, suitable for the operation of various countries, easy to operate. The utility model can improve the work efficiency, and is especially suitable for the production line of a tire factory. The utility model adopts the design of the pneumatic backward tilt of the column, and the automatic locking of the push and pull pneumatic. The utility model is characterized in that the utility model has the advantages of simple and effective blow up device on the top of the tire, and the utility model has the advantages that the utility model has the advantages that the utility model has the advantages that the tire inflation is difficult, and the utility model is flexible and can be separated from the machine, and is suitable for various tire shops.

Manual tire machine is based on the latest market demand for improved products, its performance and quality is more stable and reliable. The utility model has the advantages of convenient and safe, and the utility model is characterized in that the tyre lifting machine is also provided with a tire, a tire and a tire. The utility model is suitable for various small and medium sized car tires to be disassembled, assembled and inflated, and is the effective assistant of the automobile repair shop and the automobile tire shop.

Fully automatic tire removal machine and the demolition of tires, tires, inflatable in one, the right side of the auxiliary arm and other devices to facilitate the installation of flat tires more convenient, more secure and reliable. Suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized car tire dismantling, loading and inflation, but also the car repair shop and car tire shop right-hand man.


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