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How To Choose The Proper Tire Changer For Your Shop

We have been striving to win the trust and loyalty of our customers, and we have designed different tire replacement systems to meet the needs of specific areas. Therefore, shop owners should know the appropriate model for their application. Before relocating to a specific tire changer, the buyer needs to re-examine some issues.

The type of wheels to be changed - knowing the type of wheels that you want to replace will give you a clearer picture of the tire changer to shop for. Light trucks will utilize a different tire changer from heavy duty trucks. A shop owner will also need to know if he/she wants to specialize in run flat tires - These tires allow the driver to continue driving on despite the deflated tires. Such tires require special tire changers because the ordinary models may not be able to handle that well.

The swing arm tire changers usually are the most economical changer you will find and can be considered “semi-automatic”. The reason being is that you will have to lock the arm into place by tightening it manually and making it fit perfectly with the size of the wheel that you will be changing. However, it does have a quick change tool with infinite tool head positioning that you will be able to adjust to fit nearly any tires.

Most swing arm tire changers are able to fit bigger tires (Up to 50 inches in diameter) however, the tech would have to adjust it every time to fit the rim correctly otherwise you can damage the tire. This type of changer does come in handy when the shop is constantly doing the same size tires. If they are, the tool head does not have to be repositioned every time and an experienced tech will be able to change plenty of tires in a short amount of time. We recommend using this tire changer if you are starting a shop and also if you are going to use it for a particular tire size that way you don’t have to continue changing the tool head every time.


Air VS Electric

We will give you the option of choosing if you want either an Air or Electric Tire Changer. We recommend going with the electric model for convenience and ease of repair and they are less expensive to operate.


100 VS 220 Voltage

Again, some tire changer manufacturers give you the choice of choosing between 110 and 220 volt. While it is easier to install and setup a 110 Volt tire changer, the 220 will be safer and more efficient because it gives the tire changers a lot more power, especially when you are changing tougher tires like the run flat tires.

Power Operated Assist Tools

If you want to have a shop that handles modern tires that are tougher, you definitely want to equip your tire changer with a power operated assist tool. These assist tools will help the technician change the tire much easier and safer and also will increase the productivity of your shop.


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