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Australia client’s order (5g+10g)*4  wheel weigths

Recently, Shengshi Weiye provided a batch of steel wheel weight products to Australian customers, including (5g+10g) * 4 steel wheel banance weights. (5g+10g) * 4 steel wheel banance weights are mainly used for aluminum alloy wheels.

Australia client’s order (5g+10g)4  wheel weigths

(5g+10g) * 4 steel adhesive steeel wheel banance weights

Material: steelS

Treatment process: Zinc plating

Packaging: White box packaging, printed with customer logo

According to the agreement, this batch of products needs to undergo a salt spray test for 24 hours without rust spots. Shengshi Weiye conducts real-time monitoring of this batch of products to ensure that the finished products meet customer needs.

This product reflects Shengshi Weiye's commitment to providing top-notch customized solutions for the automotive aftermarket. The (5g+10g) * 4 steel adhesive wheel weight has been tested and has impeccable mechanical properties, which is a proof of quality and reliability. For Australian customers, Shengshi Weiye has always been a steadfast partner, providing excellent services with one product at a time.

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